David Clabeaux – Many Reasons to Love Flipping Houses

One of the many reasons I love flipping houses is that I get to spend more time with my family. In fact, we make a family event out of it.

Our 4 year old son Chase loves going to check out the “construction site” with us regularly.

“Daddy, can we go to the construction site today?”

“Sure thing Buddy!  Don’t forget to bring your construction hat and jacket!”

He is very proud of his yellow constuction helmet and bright orange construction worker vest ; )

Even at just 4 years old, he loves seeing the progress and changes each week as our contractors make improvements to the properties.

And Chase is great with a nail gun! (Just kidding)

It is so fun seeing how excited he gets each time we take him to a property.

And my wife is great with making design decisions.  She is good at picking out the right light fixtures and tile choices for the kitchens and bathrooms.

If is fun working on projects together as a family.  It allows us to spend more time together.

It also feels great to show my son that one day he too can work for himself