Dave Clabeaux – David Clabeaux – Real Estate Investor

My wife and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to use our house flips to give back.

For example, we are donating a percentage of the profits from a recent project to the Wounded Warriors Project.

And we will use another project that is almost complete to help St Jude’s  Research Hospital. I am sharing this with you because I want you to do the same thing when you flip a house.

It may sound corny, and you might  disagree, but my wife and I truly believe  that donating a portion of the profits of  each project to charity is good karma.  We believe that it helps ensure that the project will be successful.

If you decided to flip a house, who would you choose to help?  What charity or  charities would you align your project with?

If you have been talking about flipping a house but have never pulled the trigger, this could be the nudge you need. I cannot express in words how much more important a project becomes when I know that the profits will help sick children get better or help a wounded veteran return to normal life.

It makes an already fun job become infinitely rewarding.