Dave (David) Clabeaux – Use A Government Loan to Flip Your First House

Did you know that the government offers a loan for first time rehabbers?

And did you know that you only need 3.5% down to get this loan?

It is called an FHA 203k Loan.

In my opinion, it is an ABSOLUTE NO BRAINER for a first time flipper.

The only catch is that you need to promise to live in the home for 12 months.  After that, you can sell it.

This is a GREAT idea because since you will be living in the home you are rehabbing, you will not have a rent or mortgage payment!

I honestly do not know why more people do not take advantage of this.

The FHA 203k loan makes it so that just about anyone can rehab a house.


Dave Clabeaux – Recent House Flipping Statistics

The news is looking great for flipping houses in 2018!

According to a CNBC article, more than 6% of all home sales last year in the US were flips.

This is a 10 year high.

In addition, the article states that home prices across the board are on the rise.

This means that you actually gain equity while  working on the flip, in addition to the value you add through improvements to the property.

While this isn’t something I like to rely on for every flip, it sure is a nice bonus when it happens ; )

Are you ready to start flipping houses?

Then take action now!

Dave (David) Clabeaux – Can You Flip a House with Credit Cards?

As you already know, one of the biggest problems people have with getting started is getting their deal financed.


But I have a solution that I have personally used more than once.


You can actually finance most of your flip with credit cards.


For example, I almost always use my Lowes and Home Depot credit cards to finance all of the material costs for a flip.  


And the cards provide 6 months no interest, so I am basically getting free money with no hassle of applying for a bank loan or a hard money loan!


Most contractors will also take payment via credit card, so you can pay for the labor that way.


It is all about getting creative.  As I have said more than once, if you find a good deal, the money will follow you.

David Clabeaux – Many Reasons to Love Flipping Houses

One of the many reasons I love flipping houses is that I get to spend more time with my family. In fact, we make a family event out of it.

Our 4 year old son Chase loves going to check out the “construction site” with us regularly.

“Daddy, can we go to the construction site today?”

“Sure thing Buddy!  Don’t forget to bring your construction hat and jacket!”

He is very proud of his yellow constuction helmet and bright orange construction worker vest ; )

Even at just 4 years old, he loves seeing the progress and changes each week as our contractors make improvements to the properties.

And Chase is great with a nail gun! (Just kidding)

It is so fun seeing how excited he gets each time we take him to a property.

And my wife is great with making design decisions.  She is good at picking out the right light fixtures and tile choices for the kitchens and bathrooms.

If is fun working on projects together as a family.  It allows us to spend more time together.

It also feels great to show my son that one day he too can work for himself

Dave Clabeaux – David Clabeaux – Real Estate Investor

My wife and I decided a long time ago that we wanted to use our house flips to give back.

For example, we are donating a percentage of the profits from a recent project to the Wounded Warriors Project.

And we will use another project that is almost complete to help St Jude’s  Research Hospital. I am sharing this with you because I want you to do the same thing when you flip a house.

It may sound corny, and you might  disagree, but my wife and I truly believe  that donating a portion of the profits of  each project to charity is good karma.  We believe that it helps ensure that the project will be successful.

If you decided to flip a house, who would you choose to help?  What charity or  charities would you align your project with?

If you have been talking about flipping a house but have never pulled the trigger, this could be the nudge you need. I cannot express in words how much more important a project becomes when I know that the profits will help sick children get better or help a wounded veteran return to normal life.

It makes an already fun job become infinitely rewarding.

David Clabeaux – Announces Plans for Historic Office Building

David Clabeaux Announces Plans for Historic Office Building in Newport –    Kentucky

David Clabeaux, along with his wife Abigail, have recently purchased 830 Monmouth and begun plans to renovate the building.  “Our plans are to renovate the building while maintaining as many of the historic elements of the building as possible.  We will be creating inexpensive, furnished single person executive office suites on all 3 floors.  We will leave exposed brick walls, original tin ceilings, and restore the existing ornate woodwork.  There are some really amazing elements to this building,” said Dave.

830 Monmouth was built in the 1890’s, and is on the National Historic Registry of historic buildings, along with the adjacent properties on Monmouth between 3rd and 11th streets.   David Clabeaux’s vision for the building is to turn it into a living museum representing the era when it was originally built.  According to David, “We plan to decorate the interior of the building with historic artifacts and pictures from the late 19th century and early 20th century.  We want the pictures and artifacts to tell the story of the building throughout the years an the many purposes it served.”

Each floor of the building will have approximately 10 single-person, furnished executive office suites.  Each floor will also have a conference room, as well as restrooms and a break room with full kitchen and refrigerator.

The offices will lease for $350 per month all inclusive, and will include, among other things, free wifi, all utilities, weekly cleanings, access to common areas.

“The goal is to create affordable office space for people who need a home office away from home,” said David.  “We are breaking the mold on institutional, stuffy, fluorescent light offices.  We want people to be excited to come to work and proud of the building they work in and the people they work with.  We spend a large portion of our lives at work or in offices, so why not make those spaces exciting, comfortable and inviting?”

David Clabeaux and his wife Abigail moved to the Northern Kentucky area in June of 2016. In addition to the project on Monmouth in Newport, they are also rehabbing residential houses at a pace of 3-4 homes per year.  “I love rehabbing houses.  There is nothing more rewarding than taking an ugly home, making it beautiful, and handing the keys over to a new family.  We are so fortunate to be able to make a good living by improving our community.  To us it honestly isn’t even work.  We enjoy seeing our vision for each house come to fruition.”

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Dave Clabeaux – An Incredible Flip

This is why I get so excited about real estate: deals like this one!

This is an extremely inexpensive flip with big profit margins. The asking price is just $3,000.

That is not an auction starting bid: that is the actual asking price.

Let’s take a look at this property:
418 W First Street, Sawando, WI

This is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with a detached 2 car garage. As you can see, it will need a full rehab, but since the asking price is just $3,000, that would essentially be your only cost.

Now for the exciting part: let’s look at the numbers:

Purchase Price: $3,000
Rehab costs: $30,000
ARV quick sale price: $59,000

Total profit: $26,000

This is the perfect type of flip for a first time rehabber. The cost is low, and the relative profits are high.

And best of all, if you get a Home Depot credit card, you can float most of the costs of your materials.

In other words, if you can come up with the $3,000 purchase price, you stand to make $26,000 in

Does this get you excited? I sure hope it does!

Dave Clabeaux is Flipping Northern Kentucky

Dave Clabeaux, a seasoned real estate investor, is now flipping houses in Northern Kentucky.

Having recently relocated with his wife and son to Northern Kentucky, Dave Clabeaux has just started his first rehab project in the area.

A former high school English teacher, Dave got into rehabbing houses as a way to make extra money on the side.  He soon learned that he loved taking ugly houses and making them beautiful again.  “To me, this isn’t work,” said Clabeaux.  “You get to see tangible results for your efforts.  When you rehab houses you are improving your own community, while making a decent living for yourself.  And nothing beats the feeling of handing over the keys to the beautiful house you just created to a new family.”

Dave Clabeaux got his start in Tampa, Florida, where he was fortunate enough to find a mentor who helped teach him to flip houses. He invested in half a dozen properties in Tampa before he decided to pursue real estate investing full time.

In addition to rehabbing, Dave Clabeaux enjoys many aspects of real estate investing, including rehabbing, offering rental-to-own properties, and building a retirement portfolio by acquiring properties with no money down using owner financing.

Dave Clabeaux is also very passionate about teaching others how to build wealth through real estate.  He works one-on-one with clients across the country to help teach them how to rehab houses.  Through these relationships, he has successfully helped dozens of people flip their first house.

“Real estate investing helped me become financially independent, which feels amazing.  And I love sharing that with others and helping them to become financially independent as well’” said Clabeaux.  “The cool thing about rehabbing houses is that once you’ve done it once successfully, you can do it again and again in any city in the United States.  While it is not rocket science, there are a lot of moving parts, and you really have to know what you are doing.”

Dave Clabeaux plans to rehab 3-4 properties in the Northern Kentucky area this year, while continuing to mentor and help beginners complete their first successful flips.

Media Contact
Company Name: Alpha Holdings LLC
Contact Person: Dave Clabeaux
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Address:10428 Bluegrass Parkway Suite #549
City: Louisville
State: KY
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